Lee Soo Hyuk

Welcome + Rules (Updated 10/03/17)

Community is members only. Please click join so that you can be added. I don't send out invites. Due to issues with spam, I ask that you send a message to me or post a comment on this post if your journal is new or barely used. I only ask that you follow the rules posted below. Failure to do so will result in rejections.

01. Please send me a message if your journal is new or barely used. Likewise, send me a message here or on twitter if your facebook/alt login (google plus, facebook, twitter, etc) is barely used as well.

02. No posting subs elsewhere.

03. These subs are not for streaming sites, please don't hardsub and stream them.

04. Any and all hardsubbed files should not leave this community in anyway. Please don't share download links, stream them, or attempt to sell them. Redirect friends here if they want them. They can be added easily.

05. Do not share any subs posted here outside of this comm, redirect friends here if they want to attain them. Subs like Henshin, for example, are only shared here and will remain here only.

06. Absolutely no rudeness. Please be considerate of myself and other members of this community. Unless otherwise specified, subtitles WILL be completed.

07. Please do not request subs for dramas, movies, or variety shows. Lyric translation requests, however, will be considered.

If you're looking for anything in particular, please consult the directory here.